Fast and Free!

141109 Kite Fin FinishedAll I can say is WOOHOO!!!! The fins work perfectly, just like a new set – I have to admit even I’m surprised! Since they work so well I’m giving them away for FREE so anyone can print a set and let me know how they go. Just follow this link to my Thingiverse page.

I might print a few more so I have spares in my kit, but the next step is to try printing some different shapes and sizes so I can really compare what works, which conditions, how fast, how high etc. 1 or 2 top secret ideas as well 😉

Great little 1 week project, if you do print these fins out please let me know how they go.

– Posted by James Novak

4 thoughts on “Fast and Free!

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  2. Hi James.
    Thanks for all your free designs. I’ve just printed a kite fin.. looking forward to trying it out!
    Could you tell me how you modelled the kite fin? I would like to create my own 3D model of one and also a surfboard fin – but not sure where to start. I’ve been learning both DesignSpark CAD and Blender. Really after the technique or steps you took – probably not specific to an app.
    Thanks again


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