Cheating is Winning

Band TemplatesI have to admit I’m not one of those designers who can spend endless hours with markers and pens putting my imagination onto paper. I’m a little jealous of people with that skill/patience. However there are times where it’s the best way to generate a lot of ideas, really quickly. But I still like to cheat!

To kick off a new project I’ve quickly drawn up a few different views of a wrist-band shape, which will allow me to trace the linework for my concepts – a really simple way to have a consistent look across all ideas.

And since I’m such a nice guy I’m letting you download the PDF for FREE! If you’re working on any wrist/arm/leg product it may just come in handy. Just click the link below.

Download ‘Band Template’

– Posted by James Novak

One thought on “Cheating is Winning

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