Hit and Miss

2014-11-26 Mario Kart PrintsToday I began some of the 3D prints modeled for the Mario Kart Trophy (follow the full story here). Seems like most of the Up! Plus 2 printers are out of order after a massive year at uni, so it took some work to cobble together bits and pieces that would work properly.

As shown in the first image, the large base piece is continually lifting (and therefore failing) – seems the plate is off level and causing the plastic to not stick into the perforations in one corner. Auto leveling is obviously not working to compensate either. Also I’ve realised I made a bit of a rookie error with the design of this part – rather than being a large solid, I should just shell most of the internal material out and reduce this large solid base to more of a ring shape. Firstly this would reduce material (yay environment!), but also remove the large mass which shrinks and enhances this lifting effect. Experience shows that large flat solids tend to do this more often than not, so my bad! I’ll adjust the model before trying again.

But the vine prints to be stuck on the timber ring worked perfectly. I’ve left a few more pieces on the machines, so hopefully they’re humming away ready to collect next time I’m at uni. Surely that’s not too much to ask? 😉

– Posted by James Novak

2 thoughts on “Hit and Miss

  1. I’ve got the same printer at work and we were having issues with larger prints corners lifting even though we had the platform level… we found using a glue stick helped the corners stick down during the print, the only hassle is the cleanup after but the glue is water based so it just took some scrubbing.


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