Tutorial – Perspective Grid

141128 Perspective GridIt’s a bit miserable outside and I thought I’d reflect back on the idea of tracing as a way to speed up and improve your sketching discussed in a previous post. When I went through first year Product Design our lecturer gave us piles of perspective grids to trace over – the exercises were completely boring, but the ‘cheat sheets’ have always been useful to stick under your drawing pad and make sure your perspective is relatively accurate.

In simple terms, you can draw your orthogonal views onto the ‘floor’ and ‘walls’ of the grid, then simply project them into the middle to generate the object. As you get more confident, you can skip a lot of the setup work and just draw your object using the grid lines as reference.

I have recreated one of these blank grids on an A3 sheet for you to download and use (although you can print it at any scale), along with a brief tutorial explaining how to go about using it. Please like or comment if this is any help to you!

Download PDF: 2 Point Perspective – A3sheet

Download PDF: Grid Tutorial

– Posted by James Novak

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