Baby Nintendo for Raspberry Pi

2015-01-03 NintendoFor those of you growing up in the 90’s like me, this 3D print will bring back some great memories! Except this is the baby version downloaded for free from Thingiverse (click here to download the STL files for yourself), designed as an enclosure for a Raspberry Pi B+.

In yesterday’s post I shared some of the details of my print settings and discoveries 3D printing this design. Since then I couldn’t resist adding some painted details to really re-create the look of the old NES console. The black was done by masking off the appropriate sections and spray painting, while the red lettering was done by hand with a fine paint brush. Can’t wait to give this to someone in my family who just got the Raspberry Pi B+ for Xmas and will love this case!

– Posted by James Novak

3 thoughts on “Baby Nintendo for Raspberry Pi

  1. Nice print job on the case James. When your 3D printer turns up in the post (if not already) you will need to get yourself a Raspberry Pi to run your Printer. The Raspberry Pi’s are great for this.


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