3D Printed Virtual Reality

2015-01-18 OpenDiveFollowing on from my previous work building the Google Cardboard and my own custom virtual reality (VR) headset, the logical next step was to try 3D printing a full headset. With limited time before an upcoming talk I’m giving on Virtual Reality and 3D printing, I have downloaded the OpenDive model freely available on Thingiverse. I chose this one because I was impressed with the lens holders (which I already used for my Hybrid Headset) and it seems to have the most feedback/reviews/likes out of all VR headsets on Thingiverse.

The most important point with this model is that I had to scale all parts down by 5% in order to fit the small print plate of my Up! Plus 2 3D printer. This was specifically for the main frame of the headset. I also had to use MeshLab to separate the other parts, as they are all grouped as a single STL file which also doesn’t fit the print plate.

Interestingly the seemingly thick sections of material which I was concerned about have already been given an infill pattern within the STL file, minimising material waste which was good to see. I think the Lens Holders are too tight fitting within this model, while the brackets for the phone (printed in green) feel too loose – I’d probably want to glue these into place before risking my phone in there!

Below you can see a time-lapse of printing the main headset – overall the complete model took just over 6 hours to print using the 0.2mm layer thickness and normal print speed.

2015-01-17 OpenDive Process

– Posted by James Novak

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