Use Protection, It Only Takes 1 Hour

2015-02-27 USB CoverI love little projects like this! There’s just something so satisfying about having an idea, creating a 3D model, and turning that idea into reality all within an hour. The power of 3D printing!

I’m sure from the photos this one’s pretty self explanatory, but after buying a new USB for uni, I thought a cover/cap might be useful to protect it from collecting dirt in my bag and damaging the electronics. Also, the opportunity to label it with my name ‘Novak’ was important since USB’s can be so easily lost at uni, or mixed up with someone else’s while being shared around.

2015-02-27 14.18.37 editAll I did to create this was use a set of calipers to measure the USB, add a tolerance of about 0.5mm, and Bob’s your uncle. I 3D printed it on my Up! Plus 2 using the 0.15mm layer thickness, which took about 35 minutes. Whilst doing this I also made an attempt on my less-than-reliable Solidoodle Press, but for some reason after making a good start there was a ‘skip,’ causing the extruder to start printing in mid air (pictured to the right). sigh. And just in case you’re wondering why this print looks like it’s printed on a piece of cardboard instead of the glass or perforated PCB, well it is! Just experimenting with printing on different surfaces to avoid that annoying need to spray hairspray/glue everywhere on the standard glass print plate of the Press… Stay tuned for some results soon.

– Posted by James Novak

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