Cables Organised in 30 Minutes

2015-03-28 Headphone TieThanks again to the vast Thingiverse library another small problem has been solved. I’m sure everyone’s had fun untangling headphone cables, and since I have a set stored in my bag, they’re pretty much tangled every time I pull them out to use them. Looking through Thingiverse there are hundreds of designs solving this problem, but I found this solution by Jinja to be simple, small and clever in the way it can remain clipped to the cable while being used (so less likely to be lost).

Printed on my Up! Plus 2 3D printer, these were finished in 30 minutes using the 0.15mm layer setting, and no support material required. Sure it would be fun to design my own, but with limited time at the moment and a perfectly good design that ticks all my boxes, why not? I can definitely recommend these to get you listening to your favourite tunes quicker than ever.

– Posted by James Novak

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