Grasshopper OMG!

150416 GrasshopperThe more I play around with Rhino the more I wish I’d got into it years ago! Following on from my previous post playing around with Rhino and comparing it to Solidworks, I’ve now got into the plugin Grasshopper and am literally blowing my mind!

The images above are a of a simple grid I’ve created, and as I move the yellow point around, the cylinders automatically adjust their diameter in relation to their distance from the point. This is simply not possible in Solidworks, not even close. Once you committed to a pattern, it would take a lot of work to change it, whereas with Grasshopper this is automated, parametric and happening in real time! This is such a powerful tool and I can already highly recommend this software to designers, particularly those wanting to create the sort of complex, organic forms that are frequently shown as exemplars of 3D printing.

– Posted by James Novak


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