Grasshopping Continues

150418 Hex AttractorWhile I seem to be spending more time in CAD than 3D printing at the moment, I’m enjoying it just as much. I’ve just finished a few more Grasshopper tutorials (continuing on from my last post) and challenged myself to build a hex grid that changes the diameter of each piece, and also it’s extrusion length, based on proximity to 2 control points. There are a few advanced things going on here that improve upon what I had in the last post:

  1. The individual cells won’t get so large that they overlap. At their maximum size they will maintain a small gap from each other.
  2. The grid itself is also parametrically controlled, so spacing can be modified using 2 sliders, or expanded to include more elements.
  3. The length of each extrusion is directly related to the area of each individual hexagon.

Below is the way I created it in Grasshopper.

150418 Hex CodeThis is such a powerful tool and I’m still only just scratching the surface. Hopefully over the coming week I’ll get to playing around with the Firefly plugin that pairs with my Arduino. If I could control the 2 attractor points in this model from the Arduino for example, that would be pretty amazing!

– Posted by James Novak

10 thoughts on “Grasshopping Continues

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  3. Hello Mr,
    Can you please help me ? i cant seem to make it work , could you please send me the .GH files definition . I would be much in debt to you and also could donate a small amount as a gift to you! Please Help !my email is


    • Hi Marcu, thanks very much for your question – unfortunately this is an old project from 4 years ago and I cannot find the Grasshopper file. Hopefully you can follow the block names in the image though and build it yourself?


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