Thingiverse Builds of my Designs

150610 ThingiverseIt seems like a good time to look back at some of the designs I’ve shared on Thingiverse, mostly over the last Xmas break when I actually had the spare time to make these sorts of things! It’s really cool to see people making things that you’ve created for yourself and getting some enjoyment from them!

The image on the left is not actually my design at all – it’s a kiteboard hydrofoil (basically a fancy attachment for a kitesurfing board that allows you to ‘hover’ above the water). @danleow did however take my standard kitesurfing fin (you can read all about my design and testing here or even download yourself a copy for free) and modify it to help in the creation of his hydrofoil (the blue 3D printed part). Very cool! I’m actually hoping to revisit this idea soon, after meeting Greg Mark from MarkForged at the RAPID 3D printing conference, and seeing his examples of surf fins 3D printed with carbon fiber, I am hoping it won’t be too long before my university buys on of their printers. I just know this will significantly strengthen the design and stop the fins breaking.

Next image is from @pcarlson of the replacement whisk for an Expressi Milk Frother – it’s such a small part that can be easily lost when cleaning, which is exactly what happened to me and inspired me to create the 3D file. Now I have an endless supply of replacements! Get yours and read my post about the design by clicking here.

Lastly is the most complex 3D print I’ve shared on Thingiverse simply for the quantity of parts and requirement to fit with timber. Not for the feint of heart! The idea was to create a Mario Kart trophy for a bit of fun with my family for Xmas. The one pictured is from @Johns_Monkey, and includes just the basic components for the trophy – if you look at my complete design, there are 7 extra pieces that can go around the outside and act as platforms to hold your Mario Kart characters.

I have a few other designs on Thingiverse for things like a Beer Bottle Lock and Phone Amplifier, if you happen to make any of these please add your photos onto Thingiverse πŸ™‚ Happy 3D printing.

– Posted by James Novak

3 thoughts on “Thingiverse Builds of my Designs

  1. Hey James,

    Not sure if you’ve heard of Pinshape, but we’re also a 3D printing community! We’d love to have you come over and try us out πŸ™‚ We also have a Thingiverse importer if you wanted to quickly copy designs over!

    – Karen


    • Hi Karen, thanks for the invitation! I have heard of Pinshape, you can actually earn money from selling your 3D files rather than giving them away for free can’t you? Do you have a large user base?


      • Yup, the choice is entirely up to you: you can give your files away, or put a price on them! And of course, our licensing makes it clear that your designs belong to YOU. We have a pretty big community, and we’ve been growing a lot! Hope to see you around the community soon! πŸ™‚

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