A 3D Printed Pen… or is it?

2015-06-11 3D Pen1

While this may look like a chunky 3D printed pen, there is more going on here than meets the eye… I’m just not going to explain it all yet (part of my PhD experimentation)! But for those who have looked through some of my more recent experiments with Arduino, Rhino with Grasshopper, and 3D printing, you might get some clues about where this could be going!

2015-06-11 3D Pen2

The pen itself has been modeled to fit with a standard Bic pen tip, and printed on my Up! Plus 2 3D printer in 89 minutes using the 0.2mm layer setting and ‘fine’ speed. Of course the colour change is done using the ‘hot swap’ technique just for a bit of fun and to liven up the product from the standard white prototype feel – since this is not so much a prototype but part of a (hopefully) functional system. There was only a minimal amount of support at the base, and because of the way I designed the interior no support was needed which is a big relief – it would be a nightmare to pick out any interior supports to allow the pen to fit in! It actually feels quite good to hold, but the last image provides a bit of a clue as to where it’s going – I’m currently wiring it up to connect to my Arduino. As for details, that’s all I can share at this point!

– Posted by James Novak

3 thoughts on “A 3D Printed Pen… or is it?

  1. You’ve sparked my curiosity here. I’m thinking the aluminum foil is a pad for your thumb to close a circuit, though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use a normal switch here. I feel like the scalatron case is a huge clue but I’m not familiar enough with the game to get many hints from that.
    The Arduino + Rhino + Grasshopper + Firefly video was impressive. That makes me think you’re making some sort of point-cloud based 3d model generator for the pen… Or a scalatron game rendered in 3d… Probably not thought.
    Looking forward to seeing what this project is!


    • That’s some great detective work @EngineerDog.com, you’ve obviously been paying attention! You’re not too far off with the circuit idea, luckily I hadn’t yet added all the pieces for those photos or my secret would be out! As for the 3D model generator for the pen… gee you’re getting close! Thanks for reading and stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


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