Marvin the Martian Ray Gun – Part 1

150625 Ray GunFunnily enough this is my second post in a row for a part of a costume! Although this time not for me (I’ve now started 3D printing my Cyclops goggles from X-Men which you can read about the design of here), this is Marvin the Martian’s ray gun which I’ve designed ready to 3D print. Again like the Cyclops goggles, I wasn’t able to find a nice 3D model ready to download and print, so have spent the afternoon in Solidworks creating my own, and cutting it into sections suitable for the small print plate of my Up! Plus 2 printer.

marvin002In total I’ve ended up with 9 pieces, including a moving trigger and dial feature to add an extra bit of realism to the model. These will be held in place simply by pinning them within the 2 main body pieces when glued together. I’ve also made sure to add some simple locating holes and notches to help align everything together for the gluing process. The aim is to post this design to Thingiverse as well once completed and tested, and hopefully some of you will make use of it, either as is, or remixed into something else. Stay tuned for upcoming posts showing the printing, gluing and painting of both this ray gun and of course the Cyclops goggles.

– Posted by James Novak

7 thoughts on “Marvin the Martian Ray Gun – Part 1

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  3. The ACME Marvin The Martin Alludiam P-38 Explosive Space Modulation Ray Gun designed to Kaboom Earth because it is blocking Mars’s view of Venus is very well done and more so the fact that it has separate and moving parts makes it all that more desirable.
    It is most excellent just the way it is and for those looking to have a Toy it is perfact!
    I am just getting in to 3-D Printing, still assembling my printer. I’m not new at making these kind of ACME Products and a 3-D printer will make producing them a lot more realistic.
    I have some (suggestions, ideas, whatever) on modified version that I have done a ruff prototype on. Don’t know if you are interested but I am more than willing to share.


    • Hi Rick,

      thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you like the design! If you have made any modifications or upgrades you are most welcome to share them as a remix on any of the 3D file sharing websites – this will allow others to also benefit from your changes and ideas, I’m always interested to see how my designs change over time.



  4. Hi James,

    Would it be possible to have you add the CAD files to the Thingiverse entry?
    I’d like to add a 9V battery and laser to it for our backyard arduino mechanized duck hunt.


    • Thanks for the request Mark, sounds like a cool project! I’d be happy to email them to you directly (they are Solidworks files), but not a fan of sharing original CAD files on Thingiverse.


    • Thanks for the details Mark, I removed your comment with email so it is not available, but let me know if you haven’t received an email from me with the files. Happy 3D printing!


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