2D for a Change

2015-06-30 Laser Cut

As a departure from my usual 3D printing talk today’s post is going a little 2D, featuring laser cutting. As part of my PhD research I’ve been playing around with all sorts of sensors, Arduino, Rhino, Grasshopper… and plenty more (you can check out the last post here). One of my latest experiments needs a box to mount some sensors inside, so forming a custom box with mounting holes seemed a great excuse to think a little 2D for a change.

The pieces were designed in Solidworks, and only 2 unique pieces were really required – the main length and the end piece. These were just copied and tweaked to form the slight variations. There’s something nice about the concept of combining the natural timber with some high-tech sensors, so 3.5mm plywood was chosen as the best material. The dimensions I used were to make optimum use of the sheet size with minimum waste, as you can see in the first image. Overall the cutting of all pieces wouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes, and while the laser didn’t always cut completely through the sheets, it was nothing a bit of brute force and a file couldn’t fix. There’s also a slight bow in a couple of the pieces, so gluing them to form the box might be a little tricky – I’m hoping a few small nails might do the trick without splitting the laminated veneers apart. I’ll add some photos of the final result when it’s complete.

– Posted by James Novak


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