edditive now on Pinshape

150711 Pinshape

Just a quick announcement – my projects are now all available to download on Pinshape, providing more of you the opportunity to access, share and build them if this is your 3D printing community of choice. Of course these have always been available on my Thingiverse profile, however Pinshape seems to be an exciting new community with the added benefit of providing an import option directly from your Thingiverse account, making the merge of both platforms very easy. Unlike Thingiverse, you can also add prices to your designs if you like, although all of my free designs will always be free to download!

Thanks to Karen from Pinshape for persuading me to try them out!

– Posted by James Novak


2 thoughts on “edditive now on Pinshape

  1. No problem James, and glad to see you around! Still really like reading your blog— maybe one day I can reach out to you to do a guest blog post on blog.pinshape.com?

    Hope you’re enjoying your Pinshape experience so far!


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