A High-Tech Plywood Box?

20150712 IR Box

Following on from my post a few days ago, the gluing of the plywood box is now complete 🙂 I had to take it nice and slow with a couple of the pieces slightly bowed, and as you can see in the third image, I had to use a few small nails along a couple of edges to hold it all in place while the glue dried. A few good clamps also helped do the trick as well, as in the first image.

I’ll admit my 3D modeling wasn’t perfect; I had originally designed the box in Solidworks with a 3mm sheet thickness, but had to change this on the fly to 3.5mm based on the available plywood sheets. Somewhere during this process a few dimensions got thrown out of alignment (obviously my parametric relationships need some work!) so the 2 end pieces needed a couple of the tabs to be slightly trimmed back – nothing a saw and a file couldn’t fix, although my pride might need a bit more work!

If you look closely at the middle image you’ll see some wires coming out of the box – these are infrared sensors that I’m going to have a play with connected to my Arduino. Without giving too much away just yet, I’m planning to use this to play around with some CAD files, using Rhino + Grasshopper + Firefly… the rest I’ll leave to your imagination!

– Posted by James Novak


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