3D Printed Skull and Titanic

20151018 3D Prints

It’s only now that I see these prints together I realise the message it must send – Titanic, iceberg, sinking, skulls…. woops!

But seriously these are just 2 simple prints I used yesterday as a quick demonstration during a 3D printing workshop I ran for local High School teachers. Usually I’d have something of my own to print, but being so short on time with the end of semester, it was a good chance to use Pinshape and Thingiverse to quickly access files and download some simple items that I could at least use as gifts.

The skull is available on both Pinshape (click here) and Thingiverse (click here) depending on which platform you prefer using to download your files. I printed it at half the size, which the Up! Plus 2 handled with no problems despite the delicate voronoi structure, making it a great example of what the printers can do. It’s not much larger than a golf ball at this size, and the file comes with the support structures built in, with almost nothing to pull out from inside the skull except a few fine pieces.

The Titanic and iceberg are only on Thingiverse (click here) and printed at their original scales again on Up! Plus 2 printers. There’s some nice little details on the Titanic to make it seem realistic, and it makes a fun little desktop piece for any fans of the Titanic, of which I know one in particular! Looking back it would’ve been really nice to do a 2-tone print, swapping the black filament for white as it got to the deck about half way through – maybe next time. But at least the iceberg is white.

– Posted by James Novak

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