Cocoon Create Extruder Fix

20160218_Cocoon Create Extruder

After yesterday’s exciting successes with my new Cocoon Create 3D printer from Aldi, today there have been some hiccups – namely I tried to change filaments and could not load any new filament into the extruder. The filament would start to load, and after about 5mm there would be a “clunk, clunk, clunk” sound as the motor was grinding the filament but not pushing it any further down. Being jammed, there were 2 possibilities; either the filament was not able to find its way down towards the nozzle because something was misaligned, or there was some old filament jammed in there. So after only 24 hours of ownership, it was time to hack at it and take apart the extruder. It’s actually very easy, and I’ve used the photos above to try and illustrate how to fix a jam.

  1. Use an allen key to remove the 2 screws on the left side of the extruder – be careful as these hold the entire extruder together, so you want to catch the parts rather than let them drop. Also make sure your nozzle is nice and cool!
  2. The fan can just hang from its wires, but the heat-sink and 2 white spacers can be removed, leaving the motor and feeder as shown in the second photo. This is what feeds the filament down into the nozzle (entering from where my thumb is). Check for any loose material in here and clean (mine was fine).
  3. As circled in photo 3, this little piece of the remaining first filament is the culprit of my jamming. It wasn’t enough to grab with pliers, so I just turned on the printer, heated the nozzle, and then used a small allen key to push all the material down through the extruder, leaving a large opening for the new material to enter.
  4. Done. Just re-assemble and make sure all the little wire connections are firmly attached.

This quick process solved the problem and new material loaded without any further problems. After looking on the Cocoon Create website it seems that there is almost no support or FAQ as yet, so I hope this helps anyone stuck.

– Posted by James Novak


11 thoughts on “Cocoon Create Extruder Fix

  1. Thank you so much. I have only had this printer (well, the Kogan ‘Balco’ rebadge) a few days so I was pretty frustrated have the issue and to make things worse, when I tried to use the little 0.4mm drill bit to clear it out, I snapped it off inside the nozzle.
    Anyway, following this simple guide and using an allen key to push out old filament and thankfully also the drill bit, I have been able to reload and print again.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚


    • You’re welcome, I’m really happy that this post helped someone else! I have had almost no other problems with this printer so hopefully it performs just as well for you from now on. Happy printing πŸ™‚


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  4. Thanks, that helps. I had similar issue, tried to manually do an “extruder in” multiple times and it kind of eventually worked out. All old pla stuck inside melted out before the new filament came out in a while.


  5. Has the problem re-occurred? I used your technique to fix mine, but now I have the same problem every time I want to change filaments.


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