3D Printed Prosthetic Research

As a university researcher, it often takes a long time until I can actually share my work publicly. As a result this blog often only tells part of the story, for example I recently posted about 3D printing a prosthetic hand by e-NABLE. What I didn’t say is that this was part of research into adapting the design to perform different tasks. Recently undergraduate product design student Cory Dolman worked with me to prototype some new concepts, and his work has been picked up by UTS who created this great video about his process and the ideas we’ve been bringing to life. You can also read all the details on his blog which was maintained during the project with me here.

For anyone who is yet to realise the opportunities of 3D printing technology, hopefully this video goes some way to showing how quickly designers like Cory and myself are able to iterate designs, constantly testing our ideas and expediting the design process. We hope that as we refine these designs, we will be able to share them back into the e-NABLE community, and allow anyone with access to a 3D printer to not only benefit from the prosthetic, but also continue to iterate and improve it collaboratively. This is what excites me about 3D printing – it’s not just about the technology, but what it enables.

– Posted by James Novak

4 thoughts on “3D Printed Prosthetic Research

  1. Hi James, I have been enjoying reading the ‘edditive blog’ for some time. I discovered the blog after experiencing some issues with the Aldi Cocoon Create V1 – aka the warping hot bed, the feeder, and the list goes on.Just a tad excited to see a 3D printer for under Au $500, and bought the $300 ‘mini’ for my nephews whom are 7 and 11yrs – that prints at a higher quality straight out of the box. I’m also an Industrial Designer graduating in (1999) from Newcastle Uni, followed up with a Dip Ed. Design & Technology (2000) Cert IV Digital Arts & Media 2001  and Dip. Landscape Design 2011.Interested also in prosthetics, spent 11 years working for a Medical Service to fund way through study.Have done beta software testing for RockSolver in 2013 – utilising unprocessed rock for construction and following technologies like ‘Fast Brick’ in West Australia. I’ve had my hands full lately looking after aging family members, and employment obligations, tho can finally sense I may be able to pursue these vocational interests in the not too distant future.Recently updated my smart phone – has an inbuilt 3D scanner – awesome! Being somewhat ‘artsy’ – I can see new realms developing, and would like to be more actively involved in the industry. I’ll sign out and not without thanks for posting your ‘edditive blog’.  Kind regards, Walter (0414480003)



    • Oh wow, a fellow Newcastle grad! I did my first degree there in Architecture, graduating in 2006! Thank you very much for your kind words and for following my blog, it really means a lot and it’s feedback like this that keeps me posting.

      The Aldi printer’s are excellent, I still regularly use my V1, and also have been buying a few Wanhao’s for my office with a colleague – we are currently on the waitlist for the new D9 which can print 500x500x500! So stay tuned for updates about this printer when it comes next month, I wonder if Aldi will sell it next year as part of the Cocoon series…

      Is your phone the Sony Xperia XZ? I’ve been very curious to know how the scanning feature works, been very tempted myself to upgrade but haven’t heard a lot about them.

      Thank you again for getting in touch 🙂


  2. Thank you for the post and the wonderful video! being into 3d printing service i keep exploring more and more about this technology. This technology is surely expanding and creating unexpected possibilities, like you mentioned prosthetic being one of it. Cheers!


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