Academic Publications

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Loy, J., Novak, J., & Diegel, O. (2023). 3D Printing For Product Designers: Innovative Strategies Using Additive Manufacturing. Oxfordshire, England, UK: Routledge.

Academic Papers and Chapters

Conference Presentations



  • “Evaluation of 3D Printed Artificial Eyes for Orbital Prostheses.” Funder: RBWH Foundation. Amount: $46,914AUD
  • “Provision of Novel Air Force Use Cases for 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Technology.” Funder: Royal Australian Air Force (Department of Defence). Amount: $87,696AUD
  • “Foundational Lateral Thinking Content Development and Delivery MakerSpace Facilitated Learning Area.” Funder: Australian Army Research Centre. Amount: $193,462AUD
  • “Minor Equipment Scheme – Precision Wire Saw.” Funder: Deakin University. Amount: $30,000AUD
  • “Zero Waste 3D Printing: Optimisation of Polymer Recycling.” Funder: Deakin University Early Career Researcher Support Scheme. Amount: $4825AUD.
  • “Customisable 3D Printed Walking Frame.” Funder: Deakin University Early Career Researcher Support Scheme. Amount: $1950AUD.
  • “Impacts of Additive Manufacturing for the Surgical and Medical Device Supply Chain (CBSI).” Funder: Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM – formerly APICS). Amount: $69,740AUD
  • “Australian Wool Innovation – Process Development Australia.” Funder: Australian Wool Innovation Ltd RDC. Amount: $30,000AUD.

Public/Guest Articles


  • Webinar for Engineers Australia 2022. “3D Printing Warp Speed.” Part of “Thought Leaders Series: Supercharge your productivity for Industry 4.0 with additive manufacturing.”
  • Webinar for SME 2015. “2015 Dick Aubin Award Winner: A Study of Bicycle Frame Customisation Through the use of Additive Manufacturing Technology”