First Nervous System 3D Print

150504 Nervous SystemOne of my favourite design studios working with 3D printing has always been Nervous System, with their generative designs that can be customised live on their website. Always an amazing source of inspiration and worth checking out, particularly some of their latest work with 3D printed dresses. Thankfully they’ve shared some of their work on Thingiverse, so that anyone with a 3D printer can download and print some of their products for free!

With an upcoming presentation to give at a local careers day, I thought this Regular Cell Cycle Bracelet would be a fun example to add to my kit and show students. Unfortunately the slipping problem I’ve written about a few times with my Up! Plus 2 3D printer seems to have reared its head again (refer to previous posts), but thankfully the bracelet itself still built without any problems. What’s really great about this particular design is that it prints without any support material, so requires almost no cleanup. To add a bit of a twist I swapped printing filament towards the end, creating the green section which I think looks quite cool. If you’re after something that really embodies some of the fantastic opportunities provided through 3d printing, this certainly ticks the boxes.

– Posted by James Novak