X-Men Cyclops Goggles – COMPLETE

20150717 Cyclops Goggles

As featured on Pinshape’s ‘Pick of the Week

After what seems like months, finally I’ve found time to photograph and share my X-Men Cyclops goggles, which I created for a costume party. You can catch up with the journey in my last post 3D printing them, or the first one designing them by clicking the links. You can also download these exclusively from Pinshape – just click here! [**2022 update – now available for free direct from me**]

For the first time, because of the work involved in creating these, and the fact I just think they’re really cool, I’ve put a small price on these at $4.97 to download. To date I’ve given all my models away for free, but at some point it’s important to give value to a design. I’m not interested in making money on these, just to add a sense of value for the time and effort involved in creating something like this, which is designed to print on a small desktop 3D printer like my Up! Plus 2 in 4 pieces. I have designed in special locators to make assembling and gluing very easy, and also nice and strong.

20150718 Cyclops Novak

If you have a close look at the design you will probably notice a few interesting things:

  1. The smooth surface finish. This was achieved by spraying multiple coats of a putty undercoat and sanding back to remove the ‘layered’ effect. A final colour was then sprayed on top, with the black details painted by hand. You can see how the layers stood out when the first undercoat was applied in the image below – often these are much less noticeable in the white ABS plastic!
  2. The red visor is not 3D printed – it was cut from a folder and is translucent enough to see out of.
  3. LED’s – yes everything’s better with LED’s! While only glued on roughly, at night, and at the party, they looked pretty awesome (although I felt pretty weird after seeing nothing but red while wearing them!).
  4. Foam was glued into the ear pieces to create a firm fit. As mentioned in my first post designing these, I used a previous 3D scan of my face to get the dimensions right – however knowing that I wanted to share them on a site like Pinshape, I kept the design simple in its details so that it could fit anyone. Obviously we all have differently-shaped heads, so it’s never going to be perfect for everyone, so tweaking the print with something like foam might be necessary. You might also need to scale the print depending on your head size – the critical dimensions are on Pinshape.

2015-07-07 16.15.48 smallOverall this is a really fun design that I hope a few people get some enjoyment from making. Cyclops isn’t the most exciting character in recent movies, but as a kid, I loved watching the cartoon version where he wore these style of goggles. Bring back that version of Cyclops I say! If you make these and wear them to a convention or party, please post images on Pinshape so I can check them out!

– Posted by James Novak