Star Wars Death Trooper

20170415_3D Stormtrooper

Sometimes you just see a 3D print and think OMG, I NEED THIS!

Enter the Star Wars Death Trooper model by Paul Braddock, available on MyMiniFactory. Having repaired my Cocoon Create 3D printer (again!) in my previous blog post, and also upgraded my version of Cura (losing all of my print settings refined over the last year), this was a great model to iron out the kinks and get back to normality – I hate being without a working 3D printer.

From a technical standpoint my print isn’t perfect with the wall thickness far too thin, leaving some holes and messy details (eg. if you look closely at the eye socket of the skull). My new Cura settings still need some tweaks. However given all the hurdles, it’s still a pretty damn cool print that is really brought to life by the addition of a bit of black paint, and a simple coffee stain for the skull. I recommend checking out the original by Paul to see all the details of the design that aren’t captured well in my print, he’s done a brilliant job of finishing his print to give it an aged bronze look that shows every little scar and crack of the smashed Stormtrooper helmet.

If you want to make one for yourself, don’t forget to upload a photo of your 3D print to Pinshape by May 12th – there is a competition to win 1 of 40 rolls of filament (ABS or PLA) or some Resin if you use an SLA printer. You get an entry for every 3D print you upload of anything on the website!

– Posted by James Novak

3D Printed Skull and Titanic

20151018 3D Prints

It’s only now that I see these prints together I realise the message it must send – Titanic, iceberg, sinking, skulls…. woops!

But seriously these are just 2 simple prints I used yesterday as a quick demonstration during a 3D printing workshop I ran for local High School teachers. Usually I’d have something of my own to print, but being so short on time with the end of semester, it was a good chance to use Pinshape and Thingiverse to quickly access files and download some simple items that I could at least use as gifts.

The skull is available on both Pinshape (click here) and Thingiverse (click here) depending on which platform you prefer using to download your files. I printed it at half the size, which the Up! Plus 2 handled with no problems despite the delicate voronoi structure, making it a great example of what the printers can do. It’s not much larger than a golf ball at this size, and the file comes with the support structures built in, with almost nothing to pull out from inside the skull except a few fine pieces.

The Titanic and iceberg are only on Thingiverse (click here) and printed at their original scales again on Up! Plus 2 printers. There’s some nice little details on the Titanic to make it seem realistic, and it makes a fun little desktop piece for any fans of the Titanic, of which I know one in particular! Looking back it would’ve been really nice to do a 2-tone print, swapping the black filament for white as it got to the deck about half way through – maybe next time. But at least the iceberg is white.

– Posted by James Novak