Tis the Season to be Racing

141123 Mario KartIt’s that holly jolly time of year again, and this time I’m skipping the crowds! Although my own 3D printer is yet to arrive (I jumped on the early discount of the Solidoodle Press, before realising they hadn’t actually made them yet! But shipping is due any week now!), I’m keen to make something one-of-a-kind for my family this year.

Some families play football, others compete by cooking or simply buying the best presents. If the picture hasn’t already given it away, Mario Kart is the ultimate competitive game in my family; even my technology challenged mum learned to pick up a Wii remote and take us on a few years ago! So it’s high time we had something to play for other than bragging rights.

I’ve purchased some small toys of each character (we all play with a unique character) and am currently modelling a trophy which will combine 3D printed pieces and some timber. The toys can then be placed in the ranked stands after a marathon session, serving as a reminder of who is supreme… until the next race. I’ll start 3D printing the pieces this week (probably about  15-20) so stay tuned.

– Posted by James Novak

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