Does the “D” in “3D Print” Stand for Delays?

151008 Tiko Delay

Either I’m very unlucky buying 3D printers, or there’s just a common trend of new printers being delayed and delayed and delayed… Earlier this year I was really excited to jump on board the Kickstarter funding for the Tiko 3D printer, which has a lot of great things going for it; not only the really fantastic price, but also the delta print head configuration and reasonably-sized printing envelope. However the latest update from them shows that they’ve started falling behind in production, which as an Industrial Designer I can completely understand with quality controls and the challenges of manufacturing in China a constant struggle with manufacturing.

However after my last experience buying the Solidoodle Press and being screwed around for about 5 months before it finally arrived (and don’t even get me started on the quality of the machine!!!) I can’t help but wonder if this latest Tiko delay is just the beginning of many? While there are great savings to be made funding a Kickstarter project, and potentially a new exciting 3D printer that could do everything and more that’s been promised, there’s definitely something to be said for going with a more expensive but proven product that’s in stock and ready to go – something like the Up! Plus 2 I’ve been using for a long time.

This is not just based on my own experiences, but many students in my classes have very similar stories buying 3D printers and being disappointed once they finally arrive after months (or even years!) of delays. I’d love to hear if anyone has a similar experience as I’m always asked about my recommendations for buying 3D printers and as much as I love the idea of jumping on board with something new and exciting, I’m really leaning towards established brands with multiple generations of machines and plenty of reviews by users.

Having said all of this, I’m really keen to get my hands on this machine and see what it can do!

– Posted by James Novak

4 thoughts on “Does the “D” in “3D Print” Stand for Delays?

  1. A lot of the Kickstarter printers seem to end up falling behind in delivery, either due to hiccups in design, or production itself. But I guess since we’re so early on in the game with this tech, hopefully we’ll see more of these campaigns being able to stick to their promises :/


    • Yes it’s a bit of a gamble – do you bet on the little guy and cross your fingers, or do you pay at least double the price but get something guaranteed to work and ready to ship immediately?…


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